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From wire-framing to domain services, we do it all...

A team of expert developers & designers are ready on spot to forge unparalleled sites and applications that escalate users' engagement like never before.


Depending on the project scope, we might expand on what we learned during the planning. When we are clear on how things are going to work, we can produce wire-frames. Wire-frames are simply layouts of pages that show where things will be. They are not styled at this stage but exist to make a solid framework we can design within. We usually stick to create just three wireframes of the most important pages on a site but on larger sites, we may create a fully working prototype. Once this is all approved, we can look at creating some concepts for you...

Web Design

We might hit the jackpot first time or we may require some iteration to get things just right. We don't provide multiple concepts from the outset as we believe it mixes the ideas - we prefer to focus on what we feel is the right approach. We try to make sure everything we design will scale down well to smaller screens like your tablet and phone. We’ll make a plan about how your design responds to different screen sizes. Once you are happy we can pull up our sleeves and get technical...


Here we turn our designs into something that works in the browser and begin to sprinkle some code to power everything. This is also where we battle with browsers to ensure the site looks good across the board. In terms of testing, we make sure to crush any bugs that may be lurking as we go - rather than waiting till the end of a project. We’ll also make sure that the site automatically knows what sort of device you’re using and adjusts itself accordingly, to save you and your users from zooming in and out to see all your content. A little information for the more technically minded (nerds) - we use PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS to build all our sites...


Whether you are thinking about starting a new business or you want to make changes to an existing one, the thought of selling online can be tricky. By working with different online marketplaces, we have enough experience to help you integrate with the most usual payment options depending on your users’ type and your targeted geographic area.


After launching your website, we ensure that you have full C panel control to easily manage your website content (texts & photos) and keep it always up-to-date.


RiseUp is offering its partners with a full integrated development services by hosting its websites securely, under the name of its brands.


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For a more comprehensive look at our service offerings, our team will be awaiting to hear from you.

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When you choose RiseUp, you're partnering with a dedicated team that values your success and works relentlessly to achieve it. We take pride in our ability to seamlessly integrate fast fit-out solutions with sophisticated Geo-Marketing strategies, offering you a comprehensive approach that sets your brand apart from the competition.

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